Care to Craft?

Every Monday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm we have different craft evenings including knitting & crochet. Participants are free to take part in whatever craft they want. For information, please contact us.

What are participants working on?

The main craft item people are working on are Twiddlemitts.

So, what is a Twiddlemitt? Knitted mittens with items of varying texture attached inside and out. They are knitted by volunteers using bright coloured wool and lots of attachments. The aim is for dementia patients to keep their hands warm and have things to fiddle with – a common need in dementia. 


Researchers have found that Twiddlemitts provide simple stimulation for people with dementia and other memory conditions. They minimise agitation, increase flexibility of the fingers and soothe fidgety hands.

twiddle mitts 2.jpeg

The Alzheimer’s Society state that:

“Sensory stimulation is important for people with dementia, and can improve wellbeing and quality of life. During the later stages of dementia, people often develop increased difficulties with reasoning and language, meaning that they may be unable to process information or communicate through words. They will still have some or all of their senses.”

Ballinasloe Cancer Support is hoping that participants will get out their needles and put their knitting skills to good use. We will provide all the materials but if you have your own gear feel free to bring your needles along with some wool and a variety of bits and bobs you can attach. Be creative, but just make sure each item is secure.

If you’ve made a Twiddlemitt for us, please pop into our offices. Click here for contact details.